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PLG Group of companies is a strategic investor in St Petersburg

The company structure includes a developer, a construction company and a separate operator who all work on the buildings design and take part in the construction process. A separate operator will find and move the residents, service the rooms and manage the hotel. The hotel’s priority is the quality of service. We look after our guests so that they choose us and return to us again and again.

Our aim

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PLG projects create new centres of gravity in the city, develop promising town locations and promote the multi-centred and sustainable development of St Petersburg. Top specialists work in PLG group across various disciplines – designers, builders, engineers, hoteliers, finance specialists – we know how to build, sell, manage and help our clients to grow with us. According to the ‘Delovoy Peterburg’ newspaper invest-hotel IN2IT has joined a top three of the best apart-hotels in St Petersburg.


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A coworking space consisting of 70 work stations with flexible zoning will open soon on the second floor.